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10 January 2016 @ 12:19 am
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25 February 2016 @ 09:51 pm
So I've been neglecting my weekly update, because honestly I don't see any point in writing about my week when nothings happen. You don't want to, too, right? So I'm abandoning my initial idea of posting something every week and only do this, when something really interesting/worth writing down happens. Deal? I will keep it the way it was, but only use it, when the week was good.

What have I been up to the last few days/weeks? Nothing much. Finally gradually preparing my bachelor thesis and trying to prolong my working contract for this matter (I wanna write my thesis at my workplace. Already got an OK from my boss.). Everything seems to work fine, but nothing is for sure. Wish me luck! On the other hand I've been playing lots of video games lately, especially Pokémon. Ok, not that much as you might assume, just 1-2 hours a day and the rest of the day I read books, take naps and procrastinate (Hey, I improved today. Started organizing everything concerning my thesis.).
I've been really into Pokémon Heartgold these days, which I actually played once back in 2010, but felt an urge to re-play it as a whole. The 2nd generation was and is still my most favorite gen, because I connect so many childhood memories with it. The crystal edition was the very first Pokémon game I've ever played, even though I was born 1990 and was actually old enough to play the red, blue and yello editions when they were released, but my parents didn't want to buy them or a Gameboy for me (neither for birthday nor christmas and apart from these occasions my parents rarely bought me anything toy related), since they were all Asian and wanted to buy me all the educational stuff, so I could get really smart in the future (which failed haha).
When I turned 11, I went to Gymnasium (in Germany it's a type of school, providing advanced secondary education) which obviously made my parents very proud, because a few months after I entered school, my parents gave me a newly bought Gameboy Color and... Pokémon Crystal! I think my older sisters also encouraged my parents to buy me these, since I've never actually had my own toys and always had to play with the ones of my siblings.
Yeah, I was really obsessed with this game and spent so many days and nights with it (as far as I remember I played Crystal for like about 330 hours, which is a lot when you're a kid), because I wanted every Pokémon on max lvl (of coure I didn't succeed.). Yeah, these sweet memories and I still cherish them a lot.

Now I'm still obsessed with these games. I played every gen, but not every spin-off (though I recently finished Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. I cried.). Can't wait for new editions to be released :D
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12 February 2016 @ 07:45 pm

mood~ I was totally bored the whole week, which was a really bad thing. When I'm too bored I tend to do nothing, since nothing interests me in this state, so of course I did nothing productive at all, which made me feel a bit depressed.

watched~ Watched the first 48 episodes of the Pokémon XY anime. I stopped watching Pokémon after the Johto league, but it was a nice thing to watch it again.

read~ Finally finished the first volume of William Joyce's guardians book. I'm so in love with the whole thing. If you liked the movie Rise of the Guardians, you should give them a try!

listened to~ Nothing in particular.

played~ Also, nothing in particular.

anything special?~ Nope.

12 February 2016 @ 12:58 pm

Oh, I forgot my last weekly update! I'm sorry, I'll do the post tonight.

So, these months I've been rarely using Facebook anymore, because I started to hate the comment sections. They were full of hate and negative thoughts and especially stupidity on a ridiculous level, it hurt so much to read. First thing I did was removing the app from my smartphone and I'm honest: I still do browse Facebook occasionally, when I feel like it, but it's not like I see it immediately, when I recieve any messages.

Anyway, recently I've seen lots of people, who removed me as a friend on FB. Most of the reasons are me not messaging them enough and not keeping in touch on a regular base, which is totally reasonable, but on the other hand I think its utterly bullshit, too. Most of them were close friends in the past, which is the reason I even write this entry at all. Why I think it's bullshit when they have all the reason and rights to do so? I don't say it's wrong at all, but the thing bugging me is: Why am I the one who have to message them? You know, those people weren't even trying to contact me at all themselves and last time I checked communication has to be done between two persons. If they were at least desperate to contact me without success, I would understand, but the last few years I never got a message, not even a hello when I saw them, so why am I the only one to blame when they also did nothing?

I often see people saying "I don't want to run after people like a dog", which is ok, but as I already said: In these cases it can't be applied since there were never an action before. Something like this happened before, were once very good friends excluded me from a party were my ex was invited, with the same reasoning (and they also never contacted me before) so I'm kinda used to this scenario. I'm not angry and I'm not sad, it's just I don't understand people. When the reason is "I don't see any value in a friendship with you", I'm cool with that! At least you were honest, but blaming me to never keep in touch, while you were fucking lazy yourself, too, then I'm sorry. I don't see any value in this friendship.

27 January 2016 @ 08:14 pm
mood ~ Still felt anxious, but a tiny bit better than the week before. I was able to kinda sort out my feelings and thoughts and gradually get to the point, where I can finally start to do important things. On an other note I felt really angry with random people I encounter in the city who stare and point fingers at my boyfriend and I when we date. Like it's their fucking business. It's because I'm Chinese an he's Danish (blonde and green-eyed, so you couldn't tell apart if he's German or not). If you want to know more about this issue, go read my last blog entry, though it's written in German. If you don't understand it, no problem. I just ranted a lot.
watched ~ I watched the whole first season of Scrubs in one day. That was intense. No, I'm joking. I just had a really lazy day and didn't felt like doing anything, so I cuddled into my bed and watched Scrubs via Netflix.
read ~ I read lots of blog entries, newspaper articles and other stuff. Germany is full of enraging news articles these days, it's almost impossible to read anything positive.
listened to ~ Nah, didn't listened to anything in special this week. Just a bunch of Disney songs, but I do this a lot, when I feel like singing along.
played ~ I was so addicted to Pokémon Picross, it wasn't even funny anymore. Finished the whole thing and now I go for the 100%. Yes. I do.
anything special? ~ nothing :D